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Which Vaginal Tightening Method Works Best?

Have you tried Intivar vaginal tightening cream before? Sex is very important to lead a happy and healthy life. It is also important to tighten the bonds of love between partners. Life without a satisfactory sex is impossible and unimaginable. Is everyone able to have fulfilment in their sexual life? Unfortunately, the answer is NO.

Which Cream To Make Your Vagina Tighter Works Best?

Good Loose Vagina Cream Like Intivar Tightening Gel

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There are many reasons for lack of pleasure in sex. One of them is loose vagina. Loose vagina fails to give sexual pleasure to both the male and female. Your vagina may lose its tightness due to age, hormonal changes, child birth and many more reasons. Vaginal tightening is a must for all women to have a great sexual life, improve the personal relation, to boost their confidence and to maintain a good physical and mental health.

recommended vaginal tightening solutionsHow to tighten your vagina? Is it really possible? This is the question raised by many women who are desperate to have tightened vagina. Are you one among them? If so, here is some good news for you. There are many ways to tighten your vagina. You are sure to enjoy sex and make your partner enjoy sex if you follow one or more of the tips mentioned below.

Vaginal Tightening Without Surgery

It is true that there are surgical options like vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation for tightening your vagina. Do you think surgery is a good option? No, definitely not. It can cause side effects and may burn holes in your pockets. Why should you take risks and waste your hard earned money when there are many safe and effective options? Do you want to know the safer options to make your vagina tight? Read further.

Kegel Exercises to Tighten Vagina

It is one of the best and effective way to tighten your vagina. It helps in strengthening of the muscles in the pelvic region. The main reason for loosening of vagina is the weakening of the muscles around the urethra due to pregnancy, vaginal delivery and age etc. When these muscles become strong, your vagina gets back to normal. Kegel exercises help in attaining the goal of strengthening pelvic muscles and tightening vagina.

How to do Kegel exercises? The first step is to locate the pelvic muscles. Go to the toilet and start to urinate. Try to stop in the middle of the stream. Did you succeed? If so, you have located the pelvic muscles. You should contract and relax the same muscles. This is called Kegel exercises. Here’s a link to a COMPLETE Guide eBook you MUST have to help you MASTER all the effective and BEST techniques and exercises to make your vagina tighter.

It can be done anytime. You can do it while standing, sitting or lying down, but it is better to lie down and do the Kegel exercises in the initial stages. Lie flat on the back. Contract the muscles. Count up to 5 and then relax. Then contract again. You can increase the counting gradually and hold as much as you can. Repeat this for 10 times in a single session. You can do this three times a day.

You cannot expect your vagina to tighten magically, but you are sure to find the difference in 4-6 weeks if you keep doing Kegel exercises to tighten up your vaginal muscles regularly.

Other Vaginal Tightening Exercises

As seen earlier, you have to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Are there any exercises apart from Kegel exercises to tighten your vagina? Yes, there are a few more exercises. If you do them regularly along with Kegel exercises, you are sure to see faster results.

Lie flat on your back. Raise your right leg and count slowly up to ten. Bring the leg down slowly and raise your right leg. Relax after remaining in this posture for ten counts. Relax and raise both your legs. Remain in this posture as long as you can and relax.

Squatting is another exercise that is very effective in vaginal tightening. You can squat with your arms stretched forward and with your knees bent. You can go for one leg-stretched squat or full squat. All types of squats are good to tighten your vagina after childbirth or for what ever reason.

Yoga which was practiced by the Indian sages thousands of years ago have remedies for almost all types of health issues. Vaginal tightening is no exception. Asanas like sarvangasana, balasana, garudasansa, halasana and other poses are very effective for tightening your vagina if done regularly. It is better to learn the yoga postures from a licensed yoga instructor.

If you are too busy to do exercises or if you want immediate results, you can go for vaginal tightening pills and creams.

Vaginal Tightening Pills: What You Should Know About Using Pills

There are many pills to make your vagina tighter available in the market. Some are effective and some are not. Some of them may cause undesirable side effects. It is better to go for vaginal tightening pills that contain 100% herbal ingredients to avoid side effects. You can see the effect of the pills immediately. The effects last for about 3 hours and after that your vagina becomes loose again.

Vaginal Tightening Creams Review

Creams to tighten the vagina are safer than pills and they can create instant results. Make sure you don’t get cheated by scams. You should go for effective, natural and safe creams like Intivar female renewal gel or V-Tight Gel. Intivar vaginal tightening cream not only helps to make the vagina tighter, but also for vaginal lubrication, increased blood flow to the vagina, increased sexual desire and to restore vaginal elasticity. All the ingredients in Intivar cream are 100% natural.

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Intivar ingredients include the extracts of Mirofirm, Witch Hazel, Ginseng, aloe vera and oak gall. Historical records prove that all of them have been successfully used for years by women to restore their vaginal tightness and lubrication after child birth and during menopause and pre-menopause.

You and your partner are sure to reach the sexual climax and get multiple orgasms if you apply Intivar cream. You need not wait for months or weeks to tighten your vagina. You can get instant results the first time you use Intivar gel to tighten up your vaginal muscles.

Vaginal tightening is very important for every woman to end the dreadful and painful sexual life. Say good bye to pain and say hello to pleasure by following the above mentioned tips to make your vagina tighter.

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